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“ज्ञान, विज्ञान आणि सुसंस्कार यांसाठी शिक्षणप्रसार” – शिक्षणमहर्षी डॉ. बापूजी साळुंखे


(Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere) 

(Affiliated to MSBTE, Mumbai) 

DTE Code : 6468

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Note :

  1. Enter your First Name Last Name.
  2. Do not write Middle Name.
  3. Maximum 25 characters are allowed.
  4. In case you want to write Title such as Mr., Miss, Mrs, Dr, etc then add it before your first Name. But adding title is optional and is not recommended.
  5. Example : My first name is 'Amol' and last name is 'Mirje' so I will enter 'Amol Mirje' in this field. In case I wanted to add title I would have entered ' Mr. Amol Mirje'
  6. Use proper Capitalization.
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Select your role from existing options. If the option you want is not available click on Add Role to add your role.

Note :

  1. Upload HD quality image.
  2. Portrait mode image is expected.
  3. Dimensions : Width 362 pixels Height : 310 pixels
  4. Image Extensions Allowed : .jpg and .png
  5. Size should be less than 1 MB
  6. Resize image before uploading
  7. In case you do not upload image then a default placeholder image will be used.
  8. Warning : Do not upload scanned image.
(optional but recommended). Specify valid email address. This email will be displayed on website and people will use this email to contact you. So make sure this email is working properly.
(optional but recommended). Enter highest Qualification only. Maximum characters allowed : 20
(optional but recommended). Enter experience in years. Only whole numbers are allowed.
Introduce yourself in short. This description will be shown in front of your photo. Write maximum 10 lines. Make sure your content do not become taller than the height of the photo. In case it becomes taller than the photo, edit your short description again to adjust. Write in essay style.
Continue with your description from previous section. Mention achievements, awards and other necessary things. No limit on the number of lines you can write but we recommend not to exceed 10 lines. Make use of formatting toolbar (like bold, italic, etc) if needed.