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“ज्ञान, विज्ञान आणि सुसंस्कार यांसाठी शिक्षणप्रसार” – शिक्षणमहर्षी डॉ. बापूजी साळुंखे


(Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere) 

(Affiliated to MSBTE, Mumbai) 

DTE Code : 6468

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Your Already Submitted Data Modify / Delete your already added data

Edit / Modify Instructions

  1. Review the existing details carefully before making changes.
  2. Update the necessary fields with accurate information.
  3. Ensure that all modifications adhere to the guidelines provided.
  4. Double-check the accuracy of your edits.
  5. Caution: Any changes made will be saved immediately.
  6. Click ‘Save or Update’ button to apply the modifications. If you wish to retain the original information, click ‘Cancel’ or ‘Back.’
  7. Note: Some fields may be restricted from modification based on system settings.
  8. Proceed with caution, and make sure your edits are accurate before saving.”

Delete Instructions

  1. “Caution: Delete action is irreversible.
  2. Please ensure that you want to permanently remove this item from your records.
  3. If you are sure about deleting, click ‘OK.’ If you clicked this button by mistake, click ‘Cancel’ to retain the information.
  4. Note: Deleting this item will remove all associated data, and recovery may not be possible.