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“ज्ञान, विज्ञान आणि सुसंस्कार यांसाठी शिक्षणप्रसार” – शिक्षणमहर्षी डॉ. बापूजी साळुंखे


(Affiliated to DBATU, Lonere) 

(Affiliated to MSBTE, Mumbai) 

DTE Code : 6468

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Instructions To be followed...

  • Fields marked with * are compulsory, so fill in all the field marked with *.
  • Before filling the form, first read the ‘Notes’ given below each Form Field and follow the instruction given in a strict way.
  • The information you fill here will be considered as ‘Authentic’ so make sure that you take proper consent from the concerned authority before saving the contents on this page.

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DepartmentDetails : 

The details you fill in on this page will be displayed on your "contact us" page, so make sure that you enter the details without any errors.

Please write the name in the same way as it is registered in some Government documents or the way you want to display it on your website.

  1. Logo should be clear and of good quality
  2. .jpg or .png extensions are only allowed.
  3. Logo should have transparent background.
  4. Dimensions : Width : 65 pixels, Height : 65 pixels
  5. Size should be less than 1 mb

HOD Details

  1. This image will be shown only on the contact us page.
  2. The image should reflect the front view of your school
  3. The image should be clear and of Good Quality
  4. Images with .jpg or .png extensions are only allowed.
  5. Width : 445 pixels
  6. Height : 307 pixels
  7. Image size should be less than 5 MB
Write only 30 characters (including spaces). If you have a bigger address which contains more than 30 characters then use Address Line 2 given below along with Address Line 1. For example, Write half address in Address Line 1 and the remaining address in Address Line 2.
Only 30 characters including spaces are allowed.
Only digits are allowed. Enter exactly 6 digits without spaces.
Example : 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM
Example : 07:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Website Incharge Details

Please mention the details of the person who looks after the maintenance and updates of your website, . Note : These details are NOT of the website development company from whom you are taking service. In general, the website is maintained by a computer/IT staff or other authorized staff for this purpose.

These details are displayed only when there is some error on the website.

FirstName <space> LastName. Example : Amol Mirje
Enter exactly 10 digits mobile number. Do not write country code or + symbol. Example : 9960333954
Enter a 10-digit WhatsApp number without including the country code or the "+" symbol. Example : 9960333954